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PLEASE NOTE: King George’s Field Fulmer and its trustees are not able to advise individuals on the suitability of the classes and cannot be held liable for any personal loss, injury or death on the premises. Instructors have a wide range of experience, ranging from newly qualified to very experienced. Every participant assumes full responsiblity for choosing and participating in classes and any injuries or damages that might be incurred as a result.

    ITF TAEKWON-DO - This Korean martial art is a modern form of self defence developed from other martial arts and scientific principles allowing techniques to have maximum power and effectiveness. Booking essential for all classes. Please call Harpreet on 07412 750 000 for more information and to book.
    PILATES - Pilates classes focussed on strengthening, aligning and stretching from the inside out both mentally and physically. Classes aimed at all levels designed around the use of various small pieces of equipment. Maximum 12 per class. Booking essential for all classes at: Call: 07930 381 854 £14 pay as you go, £75.60 block of 6 sessions, £50 one to one sessions
    HATHA YOGA - A regular practice of Hatha Yoga enhances strength, balance, and flexibility. In conjunction with breath awareness, this class is a wonderful opportunity to stretch, unwind, release tension, and open the doorway to a deeper sense of self. MOBILITY FLOW YOGA - A regular mobility practice plays a pivotal role across strength, performance, and longevity. This class uses the latest evidence-based research and movement science to help you discover underlying muscular imbalances that may be impacting your daily life and/or sports activities. POWER FLOW YOGA - Power Flow is an energetic vinyasa style of Yoga geared towards increasing muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance. This class incorporates a series of strong standing poses to challenge your stamina and balance, some deep core activation workout, and a relaxing wind-down time to prepare your body for a blissful savasana. Small hand weights are optional for the standing series. Suitable for all levels, especially those looking to add to their fitness routine. SLOW FLOW YOGA - Slow Flow is a creative and soulful moving meditation, taught at a slower pace than Vinyasa Flow. You will be guided through each posture slowly and mindfully, to allow you more time to explore your alignment and breathing, as well as to build strength and control during transitions. VINYASA FLOW YOGA - The word ‘vinyasa’ can be translated as ‘arranging something in a special way’ like yoga poses for example. In this dynamic and fun class, we seamlessly link breath and movement to create an intelligent flowing sequence that creates strength, freedom and fluidity in the body and mind. YIN YOGA - A Yin Yoga class usually consists of a series of long-held, floor-based postures to target the deep connective tissues. The incredibly slow and tranquil nature of a Yin class cannot help but inspire you to slow down, turn inward and tune into both your mind and physical sensations of your body. Booking essential for all classes at: For more information/pricing options please contact: or call: 07531 469 827
    NEON FUEL DANCE (ADULTS) - Join Neon Fuel’s Boutique Street Dance classes choreographed and taught by Thalia with absolute beginners to seasoned dancers in mind. Music video style routines that are fun, energetic, challenging yet easy to follow. There is no age limit to dance and we firmly believe that anyone can street dance. Prepare to sweat, improve your fitness, flexibility and coordination. No experience is necessary. NEON FUEL DANCE (6-9 YEAR OLDS) - Serving you fresh tunes, fierce choreography by Thalia and an energetic workout. We’ll mix Hip Hop, RnB & pop and bring an urban feel to the leafy countryside of Fulmer. Everyone is welcome and no dance experience necessary. Booking essential for all classes at: for more information and prices. ​
    KETTLE BELLS & CONDITIONING - A full body workout using kettlebells and bodyweight. A varied workout using a kettlebell helping you build your strength, stamina and fitness and also improving technique. Incorporating bodyweight and core exercises to keep you challenged and motivated. Booking essential for all classes at: or call: 07832 132 355 to book. £8 per session. (if pre booked includes a guaranteed space) £12 drop in (if space available). Pre booking : £80 for 10 sessions
    LEANER & STRONGER FITNESS With Gosia’s expert guidance, you will embark on a transformative full-body workout experience that will leave you feeling empowered and invigorated. Classes focus on utilising bodyweight exercises, mini and power bands, as well as kettlebells to sculpt your body and improve your overall strength and fitness levels. You can expect: *Improved Strength and Fitness *Enhanced Posture and Mobility * Personalised Attention with a maximum of 10 spaces per class Just bring a bottle of water and we’ll take care of the rest! Date: Tuesdays 5:30 pm from 23 April 2024 Booking: Call Gosia on 079 3866 3415 to reserve your spot, latest by Monday at 1 pm Cost: £12 pay as you go, £60 for block of 6 sessions of £50 for 1-2-1 session
    Aerobatone is the perfect blend of cardio fitness, aerobics style routines, and body conditioning. The class is designed to give a full body workout for all fitness abilities to enjoy. The use of light hand weights is often also incorporated for some additional strength work, with the aim of improving muscle tone. Music forms a big part of the class in keeping up the energy and makes the class so enjoyable. Email Carina: for more information. £8 PAYG
    Enjoy a class of soothing sounds, healing energy and vibrations. Guided meditation is for all levels but especially good for beginners. You will not need to be concerned about how to quiet your thoughts, instead, you will be taken on an enchanted, inner journey to invoke your body's own healing process. It has been scientifically proven that meditation can help to increase focus and creativity, lower blood pressure, invoke a more peaceful night's sleep, slower the breathing.... to name but a few. You will then be mesmerised into a deeper relaxing state with the tones and vibrations of the Crystal Sound Bowls with Lisa. Vibrations can also have a healing effect on the brain, the nervous system and on the body's circulation. This can help to rejuvenate the body's cells, tissue, organs, glands, immune system and over-all body. This is a wellness experience for everyone. To make a booking go to or contact Claudia 07887 990677
    A traditional Shaolin Martial Art studied by Ip Man then taught to Bruce Lee which is used by Special Forces around the world due to its modern day effectiveness. Wing Chun Kung Fu uses flowing body mechanics to generate force so whatever your size or strength this style of Martial Arts is extremely efficient and effective. For more info, please contact Shifu Matt by email: or visit Telephone: 07424 253 605
    Information on courses and seminars at Fulmer will be updated on this website, Instagram and can be booked through
    The Mosaic Yogi - Vinyasa Yoga Discover the joy of yoga, where we blend joyful movement and mindful breathwork to create a space for enhanced mobility, flexibility, strength building, emotional well-being, stress relief, and a more well-rounded lifestyle! Whether you're just starting your yoga journey or a seasoned yogi, my sessions are designed to cater to all levels and modifications in a supportive and welcoming community. I'm passionate about engaging my students with playful transitions that deepen our understanding of how our bodies move and how our minds can work. Drawing inspiration from the wonders of yogic philosophy, we explore asanas (poses) with fresh eyes and curiosity, making each practice an opportunity for self-discovery and growth (it's not as intimidating as it sounds, I promise!). With a playful mindset we can create an ease with which we can unlock new possibilities both on and off our yoga mats. Come as you are and trust that we will create an environment where we can embrace the challenges and celebrate the victories together! Every Wednesday 9.30am-10.30am starting June 12th 2024. For more information or to book head to or contact me in one of the following ways: Message me on 07885740766 Email me on Connect with me @themosaicyogi
    Melissa has an MSc in Psychology and trained with Mindfulness UK. Her company Quiet Coyote Wellness encompasses her work as a Mindfullness teacher and also her skills as a Sound Healing Practitioner. The class begins with a guided mindfulness practice focusing on a different intention each week. These may include body scan, breath awareness, self-compassion, managing pain, emotional insight to name a few. Following this practice, you will be invited to enjoy a 30 min sound bath using Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, wave drums and other instruments.The class is designed to encourage self-awareness, focusing the mind and entering a deeper level of relaxation in a safe and compassionate space. Please bring a yoga mat, blanket, pillow, bolster or anything to keep you warm and comfortable. Also bring a bottle of water for hydration. I will provide eye masks for those who would want them. The venue is heated and comfortable, but you will be laying stationary for the entirety of the class. Classes can be booked through the following link: £15 pay as you go per class. ***HALF PRICE OFFER FOR FIRST CLASS MONDAY 17 JUNE @£7.50 DISCOUNT CODE FULMER50 For other enquiries please contact


The Studio @ KGFF

Fulmer Common Road




Please contact individual instructors with regard to classes - see above.

For all other enquiries please contact the KGFF General Manager on

Charity number: 1081464

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