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Here at The Studio, we have fitness classes available 7 days a week. If you would like to make a booking please contact the instructor using their mobile number or by emailing them directly using their details listed below. 

We welcome all levels and abilities, and modifications are offered if required.

We hope to see you soon!


  • BODY COMBAT - Combat is a non-contact punching and kicking class choreographed to music. Suitable for all levels of fitness. 

  • MOBILITY STRENGTH & STRETCH - This class is designed to focus on joint health increasing range of motion with some strength and stretch exercises too.

  • Booking essential for all classes at

  • £12 per session or discounted block booking packages can also be made.

  • Email:

  • Telephone:07931542871



  • JAZZ / STREET DANCE - This dance class is suitable for ages 5-13 years. 

  • Booking essential for all classes.

  • Please email:



  • ITF TAEKWON-DO - This korean martial art is a modern form of self defence developed from other martial arts and scientific principles allowing techniques to have maximum power and effectiveness. 

  • GENTLY DOES ITThis gentle exercise class is aimed at men and women in their later years to help with strength, heart health, flexibility, balance and confidence. The majority of exercises are performed whilst seated in a chair. The class is fun and a great opportunity to make new friends. 

  • Booking essential for all classes.

  • Please call Harpreet on 07412750000 for more information and to book.



  • CRYSTAL SOUND HEALING - Come and experience a truly relaxing peaceful meditative experience with the sound of bowls. Sound is a wonderful way to feel  sense of connection within yourself away from the busyness of everyday life.

  • Booking essential for all classes.

  • Email:

  • Telephone: 07739031128

  • £12 per session. First class is free.



  • PILATES - Pilates classes focussed on strengthening, aligning and stretching from the inside out both mentally and physically. Classes aimed at all levels designed around the use of various small pieces of equipment. Maximum 12 per class. 

  • Booking essential for all classes at: 

  • Call: 07930381854

  • £12 pay as you go, £65 block of 6 sessions, £50 one to one sessions



  • PILATES/YOGA STRETCH - This class combines both the mindfulness and  physical wellbeing  through the breath of yoga and the core strength, as well as the alignment and balance of Pilates for a full body workout in varied flow of asanas (poses) and exercises .

  • PILATES - Pilates classes focussed on strengthening, aligning and stretching from the inside out both mentally and physically. Classes aimed at all levels designed around the use of various small pieces of equipment. Maximum 12 per class

  • TOTAL BODY WORKOUT - Total body workout is a varied class of cardio and strength for all levels . This class will improve your stamina, strength, coordination as well as reduce body fat, tone muscles and reach and maintain overall health and fitness levels. Please bring any weights of your choice if you have some.

  • Booking essential for all classes

  • Call 07899986685 or email:

  • Each class is £8 per session. Max 12 people per session and booked as a block for the month.

  • Pop in sessions may be available at £10 but I cannot guarantee a space on the day and would hate to have to turn you away.



  • HATHA YOGA - A regular practice of Hatha Yoga enhances strength, balance, and flexibility. In conjunction with breath awareness, this class is a wonderful opportunity to stretch, unwind, release tension, and open the doorway to a deeper sense of self.

  • MOBILITY FLOW YOGA - A regular mobility practice plays a pivotal role across strength, performance, and longevity. This class uses the latest evidence-based research and movement science to help you discover underlying muscular imbalances that may be impacting your daily life and/or sports activities.

  • QIGONG YOGA FUSION - The strength of Yoga meets the grace of Qigong in this beautiful practice. Qigong is an ancient exercise and healing technique that combines movement, mental concentration and breathing to increase and balance your vital energy ‘Qi’. Each class will integrate gentle movements and postures that not only target the physical body but also our Qi to bring a unique sense of well-being to the body, mind, and emotions.

  • SLOW FLOW YOGA - Slow Flow is a creative and soulful moving meditation, taught at a slower pace than Vinyasa Flow. You will be guided through each posture slowly and mindfully, to allow you more time to explore your alignment and breathing, as well as to build strength and control during transitions.

  • VINYASA FLOW YOGA - The word ‘vinyasa’ can be translated as ‘arranging something in a special way’ like yoga poses for example. In this dynamic and fun class, we seamlessly link breath and movement to create an intelligent flowing sequence that creates strength, freedom and fluidity in the body and mind.

  • YIN YOGA - A Yin Yoga class usually consists of a series of long-held, floor-based postures to target the deep connective tissues. The incredibly slow and tranquil nature of a Yin class cannot help but inspire you to slow down, turn inward and tune into both your mind and physical sensations of your body.

  • Booking essential for all classes at:

  • For more information and pricing options, please contact: or 07531 469827



  • NEON FUEL DANCE (ADULTS) - Join Neon Fuel’s Boutique Street Dance classes choreographed with absolute beginners to seasoned dancers in mind. Music video style routines that are fun, energetic, challenging yet easy to follow. There is no age limit to dance and we firmly believe that anyone can street dance.  Prepare to sweat, improve your fitness, flexibility and coordination. No experience is necessary. 

  • DANCE (TEENS 11-16 YEAR OLDS) - Serving you fresh tunes, fierce choreography by Thalia and an energetic workout. We’ll mix Hip Hop, RnB & pop and bring an urban feel to the leafy countryside of Fulmer. Everyone is welcome and no dance experience necessary. 

  • Booking essential for all classes at for more information and prices. 



  • BALANCE - Balance is a yoga, tai chi and pilates workout that builds flexibility and strength, leaving you feeling centred and calm. Controlled breathing, concentration and a carefully structured series of stretches, moves and poses provides a holistic workout that brings the body into a state of harmony and balance.

  • TABATA / HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING (HIIT)- HIIT is a physical training that consists of short periods of intense exercises with short periods of rest in between, benefits are improving your aerobic and anaerobic fitness, blood pressure, cardiovascular health, body weight while maintaining muscle mass.

  • Booking essential for all classes at: or  call 07950251416 to book. 

  • £8 per session (if pre booked)

  • £35 for 5 sessions, £60 for 10 sessions, £10 drop in (if space available). 



  • KETTLE BELLS & CONDITIONING- A full body workout using kettlebells and bodyweight. A varied workout using a kettlebell helping you build your strength, stamina and fitness and also improving technique. Incorporating bodyweight and core exercises to keep you challenged and motivated 

  • Booking essential for all classes at  or 07832 13255 to book.  

  • £8 per session. (if pre booked includes a guaranteed space) 

  • £12 drop in (if space available).  

  • Pre booking : £80 for 10 sessions 



  • MEN'S YOGAMen's bodies work differently to womens' - we will focus on tight hips and leg muscles as well as other areas. Come in comfortable clothing and ready to stretch, strengthen, breathe, relax, switch off your mind and maybe even have a little fun 

  • GENTLE HATHA -A class which will stretch and strengthen every part of your body - gently. We focus on breathing and turning your mind off.

  • HATHA FLOW - A class suitable for all levels and ages; asanas will be adapted to suit you. We aim to stretch and strengthen every muscle in your body; we focus on our breath, emptying our minds and will also always have a lovely relaxation. 

  • Booking essential £10 per session

  • Call: 07751 718586


PLEASE NOTE: The FSCA is not able to advise individuals on the suitability of the classes and each person should consult their doctor before starting any new exercise program.



The Studio @ KGFF

Fulmer Common Road




Please contact individual instructors with regard to classes.

For all other enquiries please contact the KGFF General Manager on

Charity number: 1081464

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